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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, April 29, 2007

Scheuer Calls Out Tenet

How many times must we watch a central figure in our NOT being ready for 9/11--in this case perhaps THE central figure (please refer to the definitive Al Qaeda history, The Looming Tower)--write a book blaming everyone else except himself (the hero) for 9/11 and other National Security problems; to be followed naturally by an appearance on al-CBS' 60 Minutes, in which CBS will obligingly edit out all but the anti-Bush portion so that the New York times and AP can put it on the front pages of every major daily in the civilized (and barbaric) World? Which of course will help book sales--and thus all the elites continue to live happily ever after?

Have we not seen this same dance over and over and over again virtually since the day Bush was inaugurated? Do we not see a bit of a pattern here? Is there no one on the left side of the fence (besides maybe Christopher Hitchens) who is authentic enough to even begin to admit what a rigged game this whole charade really is?

This time around, fortunately, Michael Scheuer--who was probably the most vocal voice about the danger of Al Qaeda inside the CIA when nobody else in the Clinton Administration would listen--is stepping forward to expose the self-serving Tenet screed for what it is. Captain Ed provides the details. Not that it will make the top fold of the Times; but at least the truth is out there now for those with the intellectual honesty to want to see it. Unfortunately, these days that number seems to diminish more on a daily basis.

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