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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Friday, May 18, 2007

Attention Feminists! We Aren't the Problem (Continued...)

In case you missed yesterday's installment, today we have another example of "misunderstood" Islamists; those poor oppressed Muslims which the Left and its allies in elite media have been siding with in their war against Israel and the US--and anyone else who has not accepted Allah's messenger Mohammed. I'm talking about places like Indonesia and the Phillipines and Kashmir and Bangladesh and Sudan.... Wherever you look, Islamists are not playing well with others. But live and let live, right? After all "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter....right??

So riddle me this: does
this "mistunderstood behavior" jive with your live and let live world view? Is this merely anthropological "religious expression"--protected by the First Amendment? Or...more pointedly: is this the act of mere sociopathic individuals, or is it the result of a collective fundamentalist religious ideology which sanctions it and other acts of violence and repression of women? (and of course, chopping Is this really about a few "criminals" or is this about a collective sickness--called "Sharia Law"--which keeps portions of the globe in the dark ages.

Islam is the world's fastest-growing religion; and Political Islamism (aka "Jihadism") is also growing exponentially; in no small part because every night disaffected youth worldwide watch film of "successes" against he West, along with other anti-American and anti-Semitic propaganda which is spread daily by our elite media. This constant "negative exposure" is causing young aspiring Jihadists all over the world to join the death cult in rapidly expanding numbers. When CNN and the BBC broadcast little else besides their one-sided take on suicide bombings and other US military losses (which to Muslims equates to "victory" and the eventual realization of a Worldwide Caliphate), without so much as a passing glimpse at the hundreds of wins and positive things our fine young men and women in the Military are doing every single day, it is no wonder that the death cult's numbers are swelling.

And so (my real point)--do these things make you (as women) feel "empowered"? Or do you see clearly that the people who will benefit least by the growth of this death cult are women all over the world? And if the answer is 'the latter', then what in God's name are you doing supporting the Leftist agenda against the very country that has done more than any other country on Earth to promote the rights of women?

Are Muslims really just misunderstood "good guys" and men like George Bush the "bad guys" who are making them blow up women and children? Are all things really "relative"? Or is there an absolute sense of right and wrong in play here?

Our forefathers came to these shores because they had vision of a country where the people had unalienable rights endowed by their creator, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And that is not a "men only" clause. Yet we are to believe that it is America that is evil in the world, and we are the reason for this death cult. There is only one problem with that view: the death cult started in the 7th century; the US has only been around for the last two. Yet that is what the relativists are trying to sell to you; are you buying it? There is a real enemy here. And they are not only the ones lopping off heads; they are also the ones who would surrender to the ones lopping off heads. And they are also the ones who sit in their fancy suites made possible by the Greatest Country on Earth--and then go on MSNBC and CNN and try to tear her down every single day. Is this a good thing for women? Is it a good thing for anyone?

This has been a public service message.

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