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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Canadian Journalists BLAST Michael Moore on his Health Care Movie

Canadians ought to know just how bad it really can get. And in a way, you knew this would happen--no matter what movie he works on, Michael Moore just can't help it: lying is as much a part of his nature as is breathing and overeating:
"You Canadians! You used to be so funny!" an exasperated Moore said at a press conference in the Palais des Festivals.
"You gave us all our best comedians. When did you turn so dark?"
We Canucks were taking issue with the large liberties Sicko takes with the facts, with its lavish praise for Canada's government-funded medicare system compared with America's for-profit alternative.
While justifiably demonstrating the evils of an American system where dollars are the major determinant of the quality of medicare care a person receives, and where restoring a severed finger could cost an American $60,000 compared to nothing at all for a Canadian, Sicko makes it seem as if Canada's socialized medicine is flawless and that Canadians are satisfied with the status quo.
Moore makes the eyebrow-raising assertion that Canadians live on average three years longer than Americans because of their superior health care system.
I suggested to Moore that Sicko makes Canada's health system look so great, it wouldn't be surprising if Prime Minister Stephen Harper – of whom Moore is no fan – handed out DVD copies of it as campaign material in a future election.
Other Canadian journalists spoke of the long wait times Canadians face for health care, much longer than the few minutes Moore suggests in Sicko.
Next stop, HillaryCare?

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