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-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, May 06, 2007

UPDATED The French come through: Sarkozy Wins! Will rioting follow?

BREAKING, UPDATED AND BUMPED: Sarkozy wins! Royal concedes! This is the best that we in the US could have hoped for. If the Islamists and their allies on the left choose to riot--and thus sink further in the world's opinion of them--so be it. I am sure the Gendarmes are ready for them.

The French people have spoken--and it is clear they are tired of the perpetually-unfulfilled promise of state socialism and of impotence in the face of the Islamist threat. They turned out and have picked a man who has met with and expressed admiration for President Bush, and who has shown himself to be a man who will stand for the rule of law. I know we give our friends the French a lot of grief for their "surrender tendencies", but if you ask me the Democrats in the halls of Congress are orders of magnitude bigger quitters than the French have shown themselves to be today.

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Michelle Malkin (and many publications abroad) are warning that if--as expected--Nicholas Sarkozy wins the French Presidency today, the loony left and their Islamist allies are expected to riot, burn cars, etc. tonight. And it could be on a large scale.

Aside from pointing out the obvious that these thugs have been rioting in France for over two years solid now, the stark reality that Socialist candidate Royal seems to be urging on the rioters is notable, as it was equally notable when the leftist candidate lost in Mexico and did the same.

The comparison to spoiled children is unavoidable, even if in their rioting these spoiled adult children are causing a hell of a lot more damage to their country and world than is some kid in a grocery store who can't have his Cocoa Puffs. But the mentality--and the maturity--is the same.

Get ready.

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