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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shadowy Immigration Bill is way too Risky

I think the Counterterrorism Blog has it about right: this bill--conceived in the shadows, and benefiting Democrat constituencies such as Unions, Lawyers, and leftist ethnic lobbying groups--would be a disaster, no matter if the President wants it, and no matter how it is spun by the media and pundits. As I see it the big losers of this bill are: the taxpayer, National Security, and the Republican Party. This is a disaster. And it will relegate the Republicans to near-permanent Minority status over time. How could any Senate Republican in his/her right mind vote for this?

Just tell me this: what exactly does "Homeland Security Certification" mean? And if we aren't enforcing today's immigration laws, what is it in this bill that tells us that the new laws would be enforced? We funded building a fence last year, and so far as I can tell very little has been done there...

Nope, with apologies to Tony Snow, who I am rooting for personally--and with apologies to a President I have supported through thick and thin, there are way too many problems with this "last-minute, breathless" legislation. Sorry but I've been there, done that. If this had been debated and shown in its full language in the light of day, it would be one thing, but the very fact that they are rushing to try and ram this thing in by Memorial Day--when coupled with the secretive nature of the negotiations--sends up big red flags. This is the People's government: they report to us, not the other way around. Obviously the Democrats don't like it that way, but you would think Republicans of all people would still be fighting for this principle. Hint: back room, secretive agreements with those who are undermining every aspect of our society and security ain't it...

As I said yesterday, I am no xenophobe, but this "secret pact" between Bush, Kyl, and Ted Kennedy is flat out is not going to cut it. When the new law is worse than the ones we already are not enforcing, then we need to keep trying until we get it right.

UPDATE: Captain Ed thinks this is as good as we are going to get. Hugh Hewitt...ahhh, not so much.... Also Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Newt Gingrich are already out of the box as being strongly opposed to this.


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