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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Shame of Hamline University

Glenn Reynolds quotes Captain Ed's interview of Troy Scheffler, that man who was booted from Hamline University's downtown Minneapolis campus for advocating a Concealed Carry policy on campus.

When you can no longer even say what you think should happen on a college campus--where the free exchange of ideas is supposed to be encouraged--all because your solution might offend someone, then America has officially become Stalinized; only marginally better off than the poor souls who toiled and died in the Gulags of the former Soviet Union...for the same reason.

The good Captain reports that the situation has still not resolved itself:

As it turns out, Troy wasn't even referring to the main campus when he complained about the gun-free zone. He told us that security actually does a good job protecting the main campus, but he attended classes in the school's downtown Minneapolis facilities at night -- which is not a safe place to be, and where Hamline provides no security. Since Troy has a state license to carry a concealed weapon -- which means he's passed the background checks and training requirements -- all he wanted to do was to get their permission to have the opportunity to defend himself in case he got attacked.

So far, the school hasn't budged. Troy doesn't really want to return there anyway under the circumstances, but he worries that the incompletes he had to take and the record of the suspension will damage his chances to get into law school. In fact, he has just about despaired of that career at this point, and isn't sure what he will do now.

The First Amendment is there for a reason. And if there is any place in America where that Constitutional right should be treated as liberally as possible, it is the University campus. Hamline University has disgraced itself for all the world to see. But what is happening here is far more ominous than a simple suspension: what is happening is that Political Correctness is endangering the very foundations of this country and what it is supposed to stand for.

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