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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dems Steamroll Republican Amendments to Amnesty Bill, may move soon to squelch debate

Today, your United States Senate voted down an amendment offered by Texas Senator John Cornyn which would have excluded felons from receiving the blanket Amnesty offered by the "Immigration' bill. It also would have excluded any illegals which US Courts had already ordered deported.

In other words, the Democrats (and a few imbecilic Republicans) voted to keep the felons here.

Michelle Malkin has a pretty telling comment by Senator Teddy "Sea Hunt" Kennedy (D-Wind Power), whose "alternative" Amendment passed instead:

The Cornyn amendment would make vast numbers of these families ineligible. It would keep them in the shadows. It hurts the immigrants and Americans. Cornyn's amendment classifies "garden variety" violations as crimes.
In other words (with Kennedy's Amendment) "vast numbers" of FELONS would be allowed to stay should the bill become law. Chuck Schumer supported the Kennedy Amendment, as did Arlen Specter (R in name only) and John McCain. Many Republicans opposed it, but not enough: The Kennedy Amendment passed, the Cornyn Amendment failed.

After the vote, Senator Cornyn said that those who voted against the proposal:
... failed to take an opportunity to help restore public confidence that we're actually serious about passing an immigration law that could actually work.
It is not merely appropriate to kill this bill at the cloture vote--it is essential that we kill this bill. Call your Senators NOW to express your disgust for what they are attempting to do in your name. And call other States' Senators too. If they tell you that a Senator is not interested in your opinion because you don't live in his state, you can reply along these lines: "that's funny, the Senator is obviously interested what millions of people from Mexico think, but he isn't interested in what a taxpaying American citizen has to say?" And if you give money to campaigns, my advice is to tell anyone you talk to that their boss nor the RNC (or DNC) won't see a red cent of your money if they support this bill.

Don't hesitate. Call them and kill it before this abomination gets to Bush's desk. You are our only chance here--let's win this thing. Email and phone links here.

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