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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Friday, June 01, 2007

A Treat for DT Readers

While I am out of town this weekend, Nancy Coppock from blog The Jackalope's Voice has been kind enough to agree to keep The Discerning Texan up and running with some grounded views and opinions from Southeast Texas. Nance is an Aggie, and as a longtime Orangeblood (meaning a graduate of the University of Texas), I have grown to respect the Spirit and Pride Texas A&M students and former students all exhibit. And most of the Aggies I know all have their hearts and minds in the right place when it comes to defending the United States of America. Nance is no exception to that rule.

I originally named this blog 'The Discerning Texan'-- not because I am blowing my own horn so much, but rather as a backhanded shot at the Student newspaper from my alma mater "The Daily Texan"--a rag that is further left than the New York Times and The Nation combined (at least that was the case when I was there). So the tongue in cheek reason for the name is really more to use the word "Discerning" to distinguish the POV of this blog vs. that waste of journalistic space at UT. In that light, I think that you will find that Nance continues to do that 'tradition' proud. See you Sunday night or Monday!
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