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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why this Immigration Split may be a Godsend

Don Surber has a theory that I think has legs:

And surely, I am not alone, but the illegal immigration issue could save Republicans.Well, at least those that reside outside of Washington DC. I don’t think voters are in the mood to give amnesty to DC Republicans who sold out on illegal immigration.

The Washington Times reported:

“Opposition to amnesty pays for state GOPs.”President Bush’s immigration bill is hurting fund-raising by the Republican National Committee, but fierce grassroots opposition to the legislation is helping several state Republican parties, Ralph Hallow will report Monday in The Washington Times.Tina Benkiser, chairwoman of the Republican Party in the president’s home state of Texas, says raising money has been successful “in large part to our principled stance against illegal immigration.”

Since the beginning of 2006, when substantial immigration debate began, “the Republican Party of Texas has experienced an exponential increase in direct mail donations from supporters statewide,” she said.

It is not just Texas and it is not just illegal Mexicans that are ticking people off.

Michigan is a hotbed of Middle Eastern immigration, and it has been for generations. The Republican chairman there said opposing amnesty is a winner. The Times added, “Similar reports from other state GOP officials in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa and Delaware indicate that opposition to any form of amnesty for illegals is a fund-raising winner.”This is not a surprise. Americans expect laws to be obeyed. Rewarding lawbreakers with something better than citizenship — a super-duper visa and tax forgiveness — is an insult [...]

I think Surber is on to something. And I love the fact that the Republicans which are running for Preseident--at least those with a chance to win--all seem to be lining up firmly against this bill. I personally think it is a deal killer for any Republican Presidential hopeful to not do so.


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