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Sunday, August 12, 2007

CBS: Taking Money and Advertising for Hezbollah

This gives a whole new meaning to 'CBS Eye on America'

Debbie Schlussel has evidence that CBS is: 1) breaking Federal law, and; 2) materially supporting terrorist organizations. So where is the Justice Department? And just what will it take for enough to be enough for Alberto Gonzalez to grow a pair and go after a big fish who is openly flaunting its violation of Federal laws:

An unidentified party paid to post a pro-Hezbollah billboard, featuring photos of Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, as well as other Hezbollah officials. While that is disturbing, it really is not surprising if you've ever been to Windsor, especially lately. Hezbollah and HAMAS supporters who can't get in here, live freely over there. And others who can't get in here, regularly are smuggled through in car trunks from over there to here. And Hezbollah supporters here have training camps over there.

The billboard may be against the law in Canada, where free speech laws are less absolute, but it's definitely illegal under U.S. law for other reasons.

What's disturbing is that CBS owns the billboard and allowed it to be posted. This is a violation of federal law here in America. It makes no difference that the billboard is in Canada. Federal law prohibits providing material support, including communications (such as a billboard), to terrorist groups. Hezbollah is not only on the State Department Terrorist List, it is also a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

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