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Monday, August 13, 2007

Democrat Lament: "Uh oh...what if Hillary gets Nominated?

Don Surber chronicles the woes of Democrat insiders who are worried about what a Hillary candidacy would do to the party (with good reason, I think...):

Ray Fournier of AP interviewed politicians about the effects of a Hillary Clinton nomination on the 2008 campaign:

1. “I’m not sure it would be fatal in Indiana, but she would be a drag'’

2. “The argument with Hillary right now in some of these red states is she’s so damn unpopular. I think Hillary is someone who could drive folks on the other side out to vote who otherwise wouldn’t.'’

3. “Republicans are upset with their candidates, but she will make up for that by essentially scaring folks to the polls.'’

4. “All the negatives on her are out. There is a phenomena with Hillary, because she is the front-runner and because she’s been battling Republicans for so long, her unfavorability (rating) looks higher than what they will eventually be after the nomination and through the general election.'’

5. “For Hillary, who has been on the scene for so long and has had perception of her so ground in … there’s no question it will be really hard for her to change perceptions.'’

6. “I’m one of these Democrats who has some legitimate reservations, because the Clintons have in the past invigorated the Republican base.”

And that’s what the Democrats are saying. Those direct, on-the-record, use-my-name quotes were from 1. Democratic state Rep. Dave Crooks of Washington, Ind., 2. and 3. Andy Arnold, chairman of the Greenville, S.C., Democratic Party, 4. Clinton’s pollster and strategist Mark Penn, 5. Democratic pollster David Eichenbaum, and West Virginia’s own Democratic Delegate, Carrie Webster.

The whole story is here.

Thank goodness that the Republicans have a really strong slate of candidates... Personally I like the way things seem to be shaping up on the other side.

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