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-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, August 12, 2007

Huckabee has a Good Day

I've liked Mike Huckabee since the very first Republican debate--which was the first time I have seen him speak at all. I am still keeping my powder dry for Fred, but there is a lot to be said for yet another Republican who can well articulate the Conservative message. The more the merrier... Byron York reports:
When it was all over, there was no doubt that the winner of the day was Huckabee. “It is beyond huge,” Huckabee told reporters. “Tonight, for all practical purposes, we won the Iowa straw poll. No one was even saying we would come in second…You gotta admit, for what we had to work with, the resources we had, for us to surge, coming in second, is the victory, it is the story.”

He’s right. Huckabee said he had spent about $150,000 for the event, a small fraction of what Romney spent. And just a day earlier, Huckabee, who didn’t have the money to rent buses for his voters, was urging people to ride other candidates’ buses and turn around and vote for him. It worked. Given the numbers, there’s no doubt that some Iowans arrived on Romney buses and cast their ballot for Huckabee.
I wonder if Fred and Rudy's decision to neglect the straw poll is wise--Mitt won himself a really good TV appearance today on Fox News Sunday--and he looked confident and like a leader. Bottom line: it is nice to have several strong candidates when the Dems have such a weak field, and when defeating them next year will be so critical...

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