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-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is another attack Imminent?

This is a couple of days old, but still worthy of concern, in my opinion:

Two probably but not certainly unrelated stories for you here, starting with the dumber one first. The NYPD was on full alert for a dirty bomb last night thanks to a report of jihadi chatter from … Debkafile, whose credibility is so low that I actually had people snarking at me in the comments after I posted their item in headlines. The cops had no choice but to take it seriously, obviously, and in their defense some of the chatter was awfully specific:

Police confirmed the increased security was in response to receiving information that a dirty bomb may go off around 34th street in Manhattan Friday evening.

The Empire State Building, New York City’s tallest building, Madison Square Garden and Macy’s department store are in the 34th Street neighborhood.

Allah confirms today that this indeed does mirror pre-9/11 AQ movement:

Say, didn’t Al Qaeda’s camps empty out before 9/11, too?

Dan Riehl asked me that last night in response to yesterday’s post about the Roggio’s scoop. Answer, per the 9/11 Commission report: a-yup.

Keep your eyes and ears open... and be ready for anything.

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