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-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, August 05, 2007

Some updates from the Charleston (Terror?) Arrests

This whole thing is really, really weird. Page down through the updates and see what I mean: two suspects (pictured above) are pulled over near a high-security Naval base with explosives in the car. They are not citizens. Their names--Yousef Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed--not exactly Christian or Israeli names, are they? Yet the FBI website is almost stepping all over itself to declare: no link to terrorism. I don't buy it; I can see where there might be a "larger" investigation that the FBI does not want to reveal details about, but the fact is that these guys are still in custody and there were explosives in the car. Just those two things alone is highly suspicious.

And in an environment where the FBI--and all of DHS for that matter--is obviously on heightened alert because of what an Israeli intelligence source is calling an almost certain attack within the next 90 days, for the agency to rush to the media to downplay is highly puzzling behavior.

There are obviously other possibilities--with a creative imagination one could almost devise any scenario for who these guys are--FBI plants, double agents... or the real deal: members of a sleeper cell or a larger plot. But what I think we can safely say this is not--is two innocent college students on a joy ride who just happened to have explosives in their car. Stay tuned and pay close attention to this one.

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