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-- Edmund Burke
Friday, August 03, 2007

Two Oregon Schoolboys being "Nifonged" by Overzealous Prosecutor

This is where the Left (and Teacher's Unions) have taken local government. Shakespaere may have been onto something in Henry VI... :
Two middle school boys in Oregon are scheduled for trial on Aug. 20 to face charges of harassment and sexual abuse for allegedly slapping female classmates on the rear end in February.

According to ABC News, Cory Mashburn and Ryan Cornelison, both 13, face up to 10 years in jail and a lifetime as registered sex offenders if convicted, all over a stunt Mashburn claims was practiced by girls and boys alike every Friday during school.

Bradley Berry, the district attorney who appears to be doing his best Mike Nifong impression by prosecuting the boys seemingly for doing little more than acting like kids, maintains that his office “aggressively” pursues sex crimes that involve children. “These cases are devastating to children,” Berry said. “They are life-altering cases.”

Berry is correct, though he isn’t referring to Mashburn and Cornelison, whose lives he’s apparently trying to destroy single-handedly. Instead, he perversely suggests that teenage girls are going to be ruined for life because a couple of 13-year-olds behaving like clowns smacked them on the backside.

Read the rest. Unbelievable...

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