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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, September 30, 2007
About that maniacal Clinton "cackle":

Hillary Clinton has a chilly disposition and a chilling laugh. Starting with the Sunday talk show circuit last Sunday, she put the laugh on display in a big way. What is it about that cackle? In today's New York Times, Patrick Healy treats it as a subject deserving of serious attention. On the one hand, the laugh signifies Clinton's effort to simulate a normal person. On the other hand, it signifies Clinton's difficulty doing so. She is both controlled and controlling to an unnatural degree.

Before Hillary Clinton herself had given us the audible proof over the past week, Bill Clinton assured Time: "She has the world's best laugh." Now we know what he means. And his salesmanship on her behalf reminds us that this time around, as in 1992, we will again get two for the price of one.

I wouldn't buy an Ebola virus in a two for one deal either...

If the person emitting that maniacal laugh had not been Hillary Clinton, I am convinced it would have been covered by the media like the Howard Dean scream... In fact columnists like Joan Vennochi are somehow trying to get ignorant people to buy the notion that to ridicule this laugh is somehow a misogynistic attack on Hillary's gender. Right--just like the Dean scream was misogynistic... How about this: it sounded like the evil laugh of a B-Movie she-vampire (proof that life does imitate art...).

But that isn't really the point--other than being an opportunity for humor; the point is how differently the press is treating Hillary: with kid gloves. No matter about the Hsu scandal (what Hsu scandal?). No matter about the Chinese connections and the illegal fundraisers and Soros and his Media Matters hit squad. Nothing matters when it comes to her thighness and her being somehow heir to Bubba's "throne" (or is that "bone"?). What this says about the state of our media organizations is that they are a joke; a stain on the people who fought and died--and who served in office honorably--to make this country great. That doesn't include Bill and it damn sure doesn't include her. But you will only know that if you disregard the propaganda machine.

What a tragedy for all of us.

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