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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Saturday, September 15, 2007

Changes Coming Soon to The Discerning Texan...

Lately I have been pulled in what seems like a million different directions, between giving appropriate attention to: my wife and my marriage, my work, football season, tax preparation, finances, preparing to go on vacation, working on my marksmanship, and other demands that everyday life has been making of me. In the meantime, I have somehow managed to find the time (often by depriving myself of sleep) to keep posting on this blog. However I am in a situation where something has got to give... there just is not time to continue everything I want to do without making some adjustments.

I have been considering letting the blog go, but I am not ready to take that step yet. First I want to see if I can make some slight changes to how I do things here, which might enable me to continue calling attention to really important goings on in the world, without it taking so much of my time. And so my great experiment begins: I am going to borrow a page from Glenn Reynolds. Beginning tomorrow morning, my posts will (for the most part) be short and sweet. I will continue to look for stories which are important or interesting to "the cause," but my commentary on that content is going to strive for a lot more brevity. I am also going to forgo putting titles or subject lines on my blog posts and labeling my posts into "categories". There will not be as many graphics and pictures either.

All of these "adjustments" will hopefully allow me enough time to continue this labor of love; to continue highlighting the critical stories of our time, especially focusing on the stories which are being suppressed or misreported by Big Media. I am grateful to all the people who continue to stop by, and your comments and emails mean a lot.

So--tomorrow when you find yourself clicking here and you see an unusual percentage of one or two sentence posts--please don't touch that dial. It's just me, looking for ways that I can continue focusing on all of the things in my life that are important to me.
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