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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Don't DREAM It's Over: As I noted on Monday, Amnesty for illegals is rearing its ugly head again, for the third time this year.

It is unbelievable to me that the Democrats continue to try to slip trick legislation under the radar past the American public, and even more unbelievable that some Senate Republicans continue to swim against the strong current of the party base which elected them in the first place. It really is outrageous.

I am concerned; if this monstrosity gets through the Senate, I have no confidence at all that Bush would not sign it. Right now, only 18 Senators have pledged to vote against cloture. It is time once again to get those keyboards and telephones humming folks. Tell your Senators today that the DREAM act needs to--once and for all--have a silver stake driven through its vampire heart. Do it now. And maybe we need to tell the President what we think of this too...

Via Michelle Malkin:
Senators who stated No Position:
CO Allard
MT Baucus
MO Bond
OH Brown
KS Brownback
WV Byrd
MS Cochran
MN Coleman
ME Collins
ID Crapo
SC DeMint
NC Dole
NM Domenici
ND Dorgan
NV Ensign
WY Enzi
IA Grassley
IA Harkin
UT Hatch
LA Landrieu
MO McCaskill
KY McConnell
AK Murkowski
NE Nelson
AR Pryor
KS Roberts
WV Rockefeller
VT Sanders
OR Smith
MI Stabenow
AK Stevens
NH Sununu
MT Tester
SD Thune
OH Voinovich
VA Warner
VA Webb

Still Awaiting Response:
TX Cornyn
TX Hutchison

Keep dialing.
I'll be getting right to that "Still Awaiting Response". Seriously, I know this is a pain but in baseball if the batter hits it out of the park on the third strike, the first two strikes mean nothing. We need to send a message to Washington, high and hard. It is up to us to take our country back; if we don't, no one will.
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