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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
It is gratifying to see the Editors of the Washington Post taking a swing at the unbridled naked partisanship of the MoveOn left. In a way, the President's avoiding a partisan battle over his right to name a like-minded person to his own cabinet might be a good thing for the war effort--in this time of peril and danger, our people deserve nothing more than the full and complete attention of an AG to his actual job: to head off more attacks from both external and internal enemies, and to punish those enemies to the fullest extent allowed by the Constitution.

Still, it is not a positive precedent for the President to have allowed the irrelevant sliming rhetoric of Harry Reid and Patrick Leahy to have directed his choice here; these Democrats have proven time and time again that caving in to them only encourages more of the same. A real pitched battle with the Congress over the President's right to name his own advisors would not have gone well for the Dems; indeed for them to have even tried to slime a man of integrity like Ted Olson before the cameras and klieg lights would undoubtedly have blown up in their faces, with millions of Americans watching.

I've had my problems with the WaPo, but at least in the case of this Op/Ed, they did the right thing: it is telling when a even a Democrat bastion like the Post gets disgusted with the conduct of the Democrat leadership. What it tells me is that what was once proudly called the "Party of Jefferson" has become a Stalinist anachronism of its former self, on a collision course to self-destruct and destroy all the credibility with the electorate it appeared to have gained in '06 (albeit by lying about its own core values...). But the leaders of this lowest-rated Congress in the history of the country seem to know only one way of working: turning their character assasinating slime-machine up to Warp Factor 10, while offering no useful solutions of their own. Yes, the Dem-ogogues would be wise to listen to more moderate voices like the Post; but expecting these hate-mongers to be wise may be asking the impossible--especially when a majority of their funding is coming from other hate mongers like Soros and MoveOn. And, in the end, it might not be a bad thing for the country for the people to see them for who they really are.
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