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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The South Carolina Two: No, those were NOT just "Fireworks"

Remember those Muslims who got arrested with explosives near the Goose Creek Naval Base in South Carolina? You know the ones--CAIR immediately rushed to their defense, claiming these were just college kids with fireworks in their trunk. Remember? And of course the drive-by media couldn't wait to give airtime to that particular view...

Well, well, well... Sorry to disappoint the MSM and their allies on the Islamist Left; even though they want you to believe CAIR's lies; you see, there are these little things called "facts" which tend to carry a bit more weight than empty Islamist rhetoric... And so, if it were possible for CAIR's credibility to go any lower with the American public, it just did. (h/t Michelle Malkin):

PVC pipe filled with homemade "low-grade explosive mixture'' and a videotape instruction for turning a remote-controlled toy car into a detonator were among the items found in the car driven by two University of South Florida students arrested in South Carolina and now facing federal explosives charges, according to a federal prosecutor.

A judge set bail at $200,000 for one of the defendants, Youssef Megahed, but the government immediately appealed, which means Megahed will remain in custody.

Earlier in the court hearing Friday, an assistant U.S attorney outlined the evidence confiscated from the car driven by Megahed and another suspended USF student -- describing a container and three pipes filled with a low-grade explosive mixture.

The list also included a videotape that instructs viewers on how to convert a toy electric car into a detonator. Defendant Ahmed Mohamed has admitted making the tape, and in it he says he intended the instruction "to save one who wants to be a martyr for another battle,'' said federal prosecutor Jay Hoffer. Click here for complete coverage of the case.

Hoffer told a federal magistrate today that the government believed Youssef Megahed should be detained because he is a danger to the community and a flight risk. He itemized what South Carolina authorities found in the trunk of a car he and Mohamed were driving that concerned them.

Those items included: three pieces of PVC piping that were filled with a mixture of potassium nitrate, Karo syrup and cat litter. Federal authorities called it a potassium nitrate low-grade explosive mixture, and said they also found more of that mixture in a separate container in the trunk.

Additionally they found an electric drill, a box of .22 caliber bullets, a five gallon container filled with gasoline and 23 feet of safety fuse.

FBI analysts said the explosive mixture met the definition for a low-grade explosive. Hoffer said many of the items had been purchased locally, in and around Tampa, by Mohamed.

They also found a laptop computer in the men's car. On the laptop they found a 12-minute video on which a man shows how to turn a radio-controlled toy car into a remote-controlled detonator, Hoffer said.

Mohamed admits that it is him in the video, although you cannot see his face, Hoffer said.

In the video, Mohamed said that he was showing how to make such a device "to save one who wants to be a martyr for another battle,'' Hoffer said.

Mohamed also makes reference to a toy boat in the video. ...

Gee, I wonder why a terrorist would want a detonating toy boat near a US Navy Submarine base?

The fact is: the Islamists are continuing to try and attack us at home: at Fort Dix NJ, at JFK Airport, and many other places we don't even know about. We ignore them at our own great peril. And for the media to continue to downplay these incidents only serves to endanger us all.

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