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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
All Air America propagandists and Harry Reid statements to the contrary, the response to the wildfires in California has been uniformly good, in fact the Democrat Lt. Governor praised the leadership of Governor Schwarzenegger during this crisis as being "unprecedented."

Naturally, comparisons to Katrina have been made elsewhere, but as Bill Bradley points out, Southern California isn't New Orleans. And, as left leaning as present day California is, it does not have a historically ingrained "culture of Government dependency" like New Orleans did in 2005. And Qualcomm Stadium is no Superdome, either. Compare and contrast.

UPDATE: Never content with actually taking action to help out when human tragedy occurs, the Democrat party once again shows itself to be the party of a never-ending blame game--which is more appropriate for a second grade schoolyard than it is for the US Senate or Congress. Hyperpartisans like Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer--and their transparent opportunism as the fires rage on in California is a perfect example of what has become regular accompaniment now to any American tragedy. Even the aforementioned Lt. Governor got into the act.

The extent to which the Democrat party has chosen to live in the gutter when large numbers of people are suffering is nothing short of sickening. Whether it is hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, plane crashes, a falling bridge, or fires in California (which happen pretty much every year out there in that dry climate...), the Democrats seem to suggest that if we would just give them more of our money and would just entrust more of our lives and our liberty to them--i.e. Socialist-style Government--then none of these tragedies would happen. Which is of course a complete crock; still it is the very fact of their using any and every tragedy as a pathetic excuse for sliming political opponents that is the truly detestable thing.

Meanwhile there is an active Arson investigation underway: one man in custody and another man reported killed. This is just breaking now so there may be more later. Normally burning a man alive would be considered as "cruel and unusual punishment"--but it would not bother me to see that happen to any person who set these horrendous fires out there.
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