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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Monday, October 01, 2007
"Democrat Quagmire at EIB": like lambs being led to slaughter, Harry Reid, Tom Harkin, and other Democrats combine their efforts to re-enact the German role in the Battle of the Bulge by counterattacking Rush Limbaugh, for a taken out of context treatment rivaled only by their similarly failed recent attempt to distort the words of Bill O'Reilly.

As they are being routed in the Congress and losing ground in Iraq, lashing out at Conservative icons is apparently the only way they can keep the failing morale of the Left from collapsing. But--as the Nazis who once held Bastogne under siege soon learned--it is only a matter of time before superior firepower (and "air support") wins the day. And if you are going to launch such a desperate counterattack, you first need to heed the advice of Sun Tzu, who advised that one should never undertake a battle unless one knows he is going to win. As Dan Riehl writes, the Democrats' pathetic excuse for a counterattack never had a chance:

Harry Reid et al must be just plain stupid. This is a battle they are going to lose and lose miserably. You Tube below from Rush Limbaugh's site - he has more there. This is nothing but a means to try and create momentum around their greater desire to shut down as much of Right Wing talk radio as they can. And it is going to back fire in a major way against the very liberal pols engaged in this foolish enterprise. The MSM will not carry their water in this type of fight, except perhaps MSNBC, which carries anything Media Matters dictates.

It's also going to provide some momentum to a Right Wing base that has been pretty much de-moralized in recent months. Reid blasting Limbaugh as unpatriotic after kowtowing to the worst of the nut roots crowd, including it's most notorious surrender monkeys is a hoot, as is John Kerry trying to make some hay out of the deal. Sit back and enjoy the show folks, the Dems have bitten off more than they can chew and given that they are basically toothless when it comes to supporting the troops, this will produce a quagmire for them that will make Vietnam pale by comparison.

They are the voices of losing and of losers, while Limbaugh has always been the opposite. Make no mistake, when those two forces collide as they seem to be now doing, the winner is a fait accompli. Rush will ride this nonsense for all it's worth, as he should - and in so doing, he'll ride the Dems and put them away wet when he's finished. As I said, enjoy the show. By every measure, to likability, popularity, etc - the cards are so stacked against the Dems it's impossible to understand what on earth possessed them to take on this fight. Perhaps it's just another symptom of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS).

UPDATE: More here.

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