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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Friday, October 19, 2007
Hillary steers a big chunk of earmark change towards one of just-captured felon Norman Hsu's "pet projects", The New School.

For those who have only been getting their news from the MSM over the last year, you may not have heard of Hsu. Don't think he's been a big priority for Olberman and Matthews (go figure...).

Norman Hsu is a guy who skipped bail after being tagged by the Wall Street Journal as a having very shady connection to the Clintons. Then after they caught him again, he allegedly tried to kill himself.

You see, prior to being found out, Hsu had been magically "bundling" big dollar contributions to the Clinton campaign (and other influential Democrats) -- mostly from sources who were living below the poverty line. i.e. it wasn't really their money; it was a way for gazillionaires like Soros to circumvent campaign finance laws. At least $850,000 of this funny money--and that's just the money we know about--has found its way into Madame Chairman Clinton's hand. But this wasn't just money from Soros. Norman Hsu had well documented connections with Beijing too. Translation: As was the case with certain big Clinton donors that were "connected to Chinese Intelligence" in the 1990' (e.g. Mochtar/John Riady and Maria Hsia), Hsu is suspected of being a large conduit for Communist Chinese funding of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Again. And that is not just a felony, it is treason.

Now--after Madame Chairman Clinton has been forced--by the outing of the Hsu story--to return (some, not all) of the $850K we know about. We find that she is now steering earmarks into the recipient of another of Hsu's big beneficiaries: The New School. Now isn't that cozy... Bryan at Hot Air has more:
Hey Hillary, what’s that big mark on your ear? It looks like $950,000 for a school that your favorite fundraiser just happens to have been a board member of.


That’s $950k for the New School’s Institute for Urban Education, sponsored by Hillary and Sen. Chuck Schumer. Did Hsu’s many and varied bundles of campaign cash joy have any influence on making that generous earmark happen? Beats me. There sure is the appearance of a connection, though.

I’m reminded of this fun quote of her husband’s from a 1997 press conference.

I don’t believe you can find any evidence of the fact that I have changed government policy solely because of a contribution.

“…any evidence of the fact that I have changed government policy solely because of a contribution…”

Yup. That’s how the Clintons roll, isn’t it.

When will someone in Big Media finally have the cojones to grab on to this like a bulldog and peel away the onion; enough so that the public will eventually see and understand the depth and danger of the kind of country which the Clinton 'Brownshirts' would impose upon us.

And as far as the IRS and the Justice Department: is it not germane to
suggest that someone maight want to look very very carefully at the books of The New School? This little venture may hold the keys to a lot more of this "puzzle".

Faster, please. The primaries are not far away.
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