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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Friday, October 26, 2007
Is the New York Times for sale? No question they are losing buckets of money hand over fist--at a rate that would be alarming to any other publicly held company. But a majority of private "blue chip"shares are still held by the Sulzburgers. So economics alone may not be driving the Times' current "death march". Inflated egos, ideological Marxism, and other factors play a big role. Still the NYT brand continues to lose credibility and market share. So, while a sale may not happen immediately, don't be surprised if it happens faster than you would otherwise think.

In a perfect and just world, Rupert Murdoch would somehow find a way to buy out his NY Post's major competition in the City, and to build it back into the prominence the Times once considered its birthright. In many other smaller markets, it is the one major competitor that eventually buys the other. But given the Sulzberger's stake is steering the SS NYT straight into an iceberg field, that particular outcome is most likely too much to hope for... But hopefully, whoever's lap this shrinking albatross does eventually land in will spend more time on truthful reporting and credibility for a balanced view of the news--and far less time on blatant propaganda.

How far the mighty have fallen; this is not always a bad thing (a big h/t here to Don Surber).
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