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Friday, October 19, 2007
My apologies for not being around enough the last couple of days to spend the time I like to spend out here. And I am positively embarassed to have missed this one, especially because it occurred in my own neck of the woods.

As a person who strongly believes in the Second Amendment, who has a carry license, and who is sick and tired of partisan leftist op-eds disguised as "objective" news reporting (that isn't journalism, it is tyranny...)--this is exactly the kind of story that I look for.

Fortunately, Glenn Reynolds also makes it a point to stay on top of Right to Carry issues. Which is one of many reasons why you should Instapundit daily:

YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT AT WORK: "So much for bloggers stalking people in the news. Leave it to a real journalist to go over the top." But when they do it, it's a sign of professionalism.

KDFW has gotten the video -- previously embedded here -- pulled from YouTube, which suggests that they feel they have something to hide. But you can see the relevant segments as part of this commentary on Aguilar's journalistic ethics, at

I was struck by reporter Rebecca Aguilar's body-language, literally standing over him in judgment with tailored suit and umbrella. The way she looked down, literally and figuratively, on an old man who had defended his life, entirely legally, and reduced him to tears seems to me to be representative of the worst stereotypes of Old Media. Then, when she belatedly realizes that she's coming across like a bully -- because, you know, she is -- she retreats into faux-sympathy and the laughable claim that she's just helping him get his side of the story out. It's like something out of a local-tv parody on The Simpsons. Yet her webpage suggests that she's on the side of the "little guy."

UPDATE: Reader C.J. Burch emails: "Maybe the media is just trying to make normal people understand how the Haditha Marines feel?"

ANOTHER UPDATE: Aguilar has been suspended. Here's the post from the D Magazine Frontburner blog that seems to have set off the storm.

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