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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TIME Out: Another Death Knell for American Journalism

First there was the self-disembowelment of The New Republic; now TIME magazine has joined the list of big media publications which have jumped the tracks, all in the never ending quest of promoting World Socialism and torpedoing the United States--especially when it is at war. Fortunately there are Uncle Jimbos, Gateway Pundits, and Instapundits out there to expose them for the poseurs they are. But is that enough?

The vision of Clare Booth Luce is officially dead. TIME under the Turner Administration has become little more than a dumbed-down version of The Nation. And CNN too for that matter. MSNBC is as hyper-partisan as is The Daily Kos. CBS?? Dan Rather. Katie Couric. 60 Minutes. Need I say more?

Today I was in our company cafeteria and actually witnessed CNN trying to make some kind of Rodney King moment out of the fact that some individual actually had the Stars and Bars in some garage at a New York Gun Club where the Vice President went hunting lately. Of course, in the "utopian" world of the Left, everything is supposed to be centrally controlled by the Government--including every act by every individual--including whoever dared to display a Confederate flag on some property where Cheney was invited to go hunting. In that world Cheney should have had a Stasi to alert him ahead of time there was a "flag problem", and then the thought police could have sent a team of agents to ship said Confederate to a Gulag in Appalachia somewhere. It is almost as if CNN is saying that The Lives of Others ought to be the template for successful American governance. Cheney had no idea the flag was there and never saw it, but these days little facts like that are not nearly as important as a Soros and Sharpton-orchestrated media feeding frenzy...over nothing at all.

The media in the United States of America has become a crockpot of absurdity, titillation, and outright lies. If we really want to save our Democratic form of government, we may well have to start by tearing down big media and starting over again. A Democracy is only as good as the information its citizens get; if that information is rotten, so will the decisions of the electorate be rotten. Yes we have the blogs, but unfortunately they still do not reach the number of people that the lying-through-their-teeth networks and newspapers reach.

But reforming our dying media is going to be a large undertaking, short of a real life Tyler Durden/Paddy Chayefsky hybrid taking matters into his own hands. The only way I see the current poisoned news environment changing is if enough people get fed up, and then begin to exert extreme pressure on all of the advertisers and corporations who make possible this willful propagandizing of the American public. Hint: good places to start are anyone advertising on MSNBC, CNN, and CBS.

Money talks. If stockholders and interest groups hit these companies hard enough in the pockebook, maybe this thing can fix itself. Until then, if you care enough about your country to want to get to the real truth before you make your decisions about who leads it--then you are going to have to work hard at it. Listen to talk radio. And frequent places like the Instapundit, Blackfive, Captain's Quarters, Power Line, Hugh Hewitt, NRO, Don Surber, Hot Air , The American Thinker, Little Green Footballs, and Gateway Pundit. And even the granddaddy of them all, Drudge. (My apologies to the many others I left out... But the ones I listed should be on every thinking American's daily reading list.)

Another thing we can do--once again--is to express yourselves to anyone who dares to advertise on networks spreading lies and salacious propaganda about your country.
Hey, we've got to start somewhere...

As a booster shot, in case you missed it the other day, I highly recommend this speech from Mark Levin.

The bottom line of all this: it is YOUR country. And if you do not take it back from those who have co-opted it, who will? So let's get started...
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