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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Yet ANOTHER fake Iraq "bad news" story; and we've seen this one before! I even saw Brit Hume report this one last night on Fox... Which begs the question: is there no legitinate means of vetting War news these days? You would think that at least Fox might check with CENTCOM before running with such a graphic story...

It is my lifetime I have never seen anything to match the willed blindness of today's American news media to actual facts on the ground. It is as if a mask has been removed and we now suddenly have become aware as a nation that nothing we see or hear in the news media can be taken at face value. It is all spin, all the time. For a country that supposedly prides itself on "freedom of the press", today's press is remarkably in lock step with the Statist Socialists who would steal our country from under our noses. Even in the USSR they had it better--at least with Pravda they knew it was all lies...

UPDATE: I loved Ace's take on the reappearance of this fiction:

Debunked the first time -- it just didn't happen, folks -- the same exact story seems to be making the rounds again among the usual suspects in the world press as well as among the Fox Mulder "I Want To Believe" lefty bloggers.

Is the revival of the short-running morality play getting better reviews the second time 'round? Apparently not: Once again, MNF-I report there is no evidence such a spectacularly grisly find was made anywhere at any time.

But of course TPM and other lefty bloggers -- the "Reality Based Community," remember -- are championing the story.

Think of it as The Little Jihadi Agit-Prop That Could.

I think it's real I think it's real I think it's real...

I hope it's real I hope it's real I hope it's real...

I know it's real I know it's real I know it's real...

Alas, I have a feeling this latest attempt at summiting the hill of reality isn't going to go much better than the previous attempt.

Can I ask Joshua Micah Marshal a favor?

If your site is going to peddle discredited Al Qaeda/Mahdi Army propaganda, could you at least do us the favor of insuring the propaganda is fresh and not a rehash of long-discredited claims?

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