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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Friday, November 30, 2007

Heavy Travel = Light Blogging

I will be in Brazil on business over the next week, beginning tomorrow, therefore my own posting will be very sporadic (at best) until next weekend. Please bear with me and rest assured that I will be back and ready to do whatever it takes to keep the Stalinists from winning next year.

A special note and invitation to retire05, Reliapundit, Chris Muir and to the Two Sisters on the Right (or all of the above): I have appreciated very much the readability and depth of knowledge of your comments (and/or the posts on your own blogs). If you guys are interested--and if you can email me today via the link on this blog of your interest--if you would like to try your hand at posting on DT for the next few days while I am down south, please do feel free to contact me ASAP and I will get you set up as guest posters and give you some more info.

For Cao and The Jackalope's Voice: you already have the appropriate permissions from previous trips, so you are also welcome to join in--please do. Best case scenario would be if all of the above could give my the fruits of your talents. Chris is already a superstar, but just imagine Day by Day at the top of DT all week long--AND the ability to put up real prose there! (Yes I know, it boggles the mind...).

Fakes or stalkers need not apply: For retire05, I have your IP address documented from your comments; for the Two Sisters, Chris and Reliapundit: I have all of your email addresses already--so if you would like to help keep the site going while I am gone, I will be able to distinguish you all from any "posers"... (sorry, ADT--I have your IP too...). Anyway consider this an open invitation to help out; and know that I would be both grateful and humbled to have your take on the issues appear on my humble little blog for the next week or so.

If you can't do it that is fine too. I just wanted to acknowledge you here for your readership and support, and to give you guys a chance to play Discerning Texan, if you are so inclined.

In any case, Be careful out there; I'll see everyone next week, if not before then...
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