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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Saturday, November 24, 2007

Marxist Nutroots Keep Impeachment Pressure On: Good for Republicans; Bad for the Country

It is growing increasingly clear that the Marxist Nutroot left is becoming more and more the dominant force in the Democrat party. The increasing heat from the Left to actually try and impeach Bush and Cheney is obviously a sign that the party's leadership is losing control of this runaway train. Is the self-destructiveness of the Democrats a positive development politically for Republicans? Sure it is.

Yet I have to go on record here as not agreeing with Michelle Malkin's apparent inference in the above linked post that we should
hope for impeachment proceedings to gain momentum, whether it would help Republicans or not. To distract a President with trumped up hysterical charges, as he conducts a War and tries to protect our citizens from further horrific attacks--a move which would have no chance whatsoever of succeeding in the Senate--would be perilous both for the country's security and for the electorate's trust in our system of Government... But, of course, for the Marxists on the Democrat Left, this is exactly why they want it to happen...).

I nevertheless
do acknowledge her point that if the Dems were to make such a patently partisan and hysterical move as to attempt to impeach this President, it would definitely help Republicans in next year's elections; after all this President:
  1. Is merely following a long-standing tradition in asserting Executive Privalege for his personal aides;
  2. Is following many other Presidents' precedent of conducting surveillance of the enemy when the nation he was sworn to protect was at War and/or in danger of attack;
  3. Is a President whose wartime actions do not hold a candle to the extra-constitutional wartime actions of Democrat hero FDR during WWII and Lincoln during the Civil War; and
  4. Would easily have enough support to prevent the 2/3 majority needed to impeach.
Sure it might help Republicans if the Democrat leadership is imbecilic enough to push this forward; but would Impeachment now be good for the country? I say no: the means of getting that favorable political outcome are too fraught with risk. The Long War we are in is the most important conflict in our lifetimes; the heightened global tensions we face in places like Iran, Syria, Korea, are nearing critical mass; the precarious nature of the economy right now--all these are far too critical to the future of the country (and indeed, the World) to distract our Commander in Chief for such an outrageous display of blind partisanship.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows how I feel when Democrats reghave regularly put their party's fortunes ahead of our country's. The Financial Surveillance leaks, the Plame put-up job, Senators like Jay Rockefeller trying to sell their country's security for purely partisan political gain--these are reprehensible, even treasonous actions.

Yes, I understand the Republican political maneuver last week, when they changed their votes to keep the Kucinich resolution alive, simply to embarrass the foolish Democrats who proposed it in the first place. I understand their intent was not to actually move towards impeachment. But with the nutroots pulling the strings to the extent that they are, even
that maneuver was risky. It is difficult for me to imagine a scenario where it would be appropriate to try and impeach an American President in the middle of a War--unpopular or not. And it should not be cavalierly voted upon, by either party. Yes, if the Democrats are dumb enough to push this forward, it could well improve Republicans' chances next year. But I have never argued here that putting the country at risk for purely partisan political gain is appropriate, and I am not going to start now.

Personally I think the nutroots have already begun to dig a deep enough hole for themselves that they might not come out of it unscathed. And impeachment proceedings at this moment in history is a really atrocious idea--not only for any sensible Democrats left out there in the ether who want to win next year, but also for the country as a whole. It should not be encouraged by any responsible citizen.

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