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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Post "Traumatic" Stress

The Washington Post has a front page headline today about a 1979 marijuana arrest of a good friend of Fred Thompson. First of all, I would venture to guess that most of the Washington Post reporters, including the editors who thought that this deserved front page treatment, were probably smoking marijuana in 1979. Bill Clinton certainly did (but he wasn't inhaling, remember...).

To try and play this story up while the Post has been burying the Hsu story is beyond the pale. Captain Ed comments:

Mosk mentions Norman Hsu before the fold, writing that he was "one of several top political fundraisers with a criminal past to gain access this year to a presidential contender." Hsu didn't just have a criminal past, however -- he had skipped out on a three-year sentence for fraud, and had spent the intervening time working up new cons. He has a criminal present. There's a rather large difference between a man who did his probation, cleaned up his act, and contributes positively to his community, and a man who runs $60 million Ponzi schemes to funnel money into the Democratic Party while remaining a fugitive from his first conviction.

Thompson's team should have vetted Martin better and prepared for this revelation. However, it's certainly not a Page One revelation. A search for "Norman Hsu" at the Post reveals that they gave this story less than stellar treatment. The first story found comes on 9/6, which was an AP report on the website. On 9/7, Mosk and John Solomon reported on Hsu's appearance on the Democratic A-list, which got Page 3. The next day, Hsu's redirection of a fundraiser to Barack Obama got Page 5. Only Hillary Clinton's supposed return of $850,000 got Page 1 three days after that, although a story by Mosk about Hillary's intent to hit up those same donors again slid to Page 6.

Let's hope the Post seems as interested in history when Hillary's papers from the Clinton administration get released. We'll see if interesting revelations get the Martin treatment or the Hsu treatment in the next few months.

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