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-- Edmund Burke
Friday, December 28, 2007

Worst Congress in History Crafts Untenable Defense Bill

Bush continues to fight the good fight! DT readers may recall my post from last week, indicating that Bush might not be wild about signing the omnibus bill... And voila, one week later: out comes the veto pen again for this Defense bill, just when the Dems thought they had slipped another "fast one" past the President.

The President has a very valid reason, as you will see from his "Memorandum of Disapproval" linked above, and also from Gateway Pundit's excellent post below. This is what happens when the Dems play chicken with the military, is fast and loose with the American people, waits until the last nanosecond to actually try and do Legislative business instead of trying to pass laws and conduct endless investigations designed to dictate to the Executive Branch how it is supposed to carry out its Constitutional role. And then when it finally does get to the people's business, it continues to try and sneak in "poison pills" to an otherwise critical bill to our Armed Forces--at a time when world tensions could not be higher..

Yet the President stands firm. Good.

Now let's see the Dems fight a new streamlined bill for our troops, now that the news of their glaring omission/betrayal is out, and especially in light of world tensions after the Bhutto assasination; denying the troops the funding they need now--no strings attached--would IMO be tantamount to political suicide for the party's fall fortunes:
The worst Congress ever is criticizing President Bush’s expected veto of H.R. 1585, the fiscal year 2008 National Defense Authorization Act.

The White House believes the bill is "A Danger to Iraq's Progress"...

Obviously, the White House is very concerned about Section 1083 because the provisions included risk imposing financially devastating hardship on Iraq that will unacceptably interfere with the political and economic progress.

The Defense Appropriations Bill also includes over 2,000 earmarks.
I've seen some criticisms of this even from bloggers I respect. But personally I like a guy who does the right thing, even if it goes against the grain or comes at a not particularly opportune moment with primaries coming up next week. Leaders don't get to pick when mistakes happen; but they do need to correct them. I'm standing behind the President on this one.
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