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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, January 17, 2008

AP "Hitman" Ambushes Romney; How Big Media wants to Sabotage the Republicans

Look, I have been quite open that I am a Fred Thompson kind of guy. But for the media to go after Mitt Romney like this is shameful--and also an indication that the media decidedly does NOT want Romney to be the nominee.

I'm just going to go on a bit of a rant here, because this is what I think. I think the media will do anything it can possibly do to prevent Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney from becoming the nominee of the Republican Party; this has been obvious from the very beginning of the campaign. The media elites clearly want the candidate to be either McCain (the elites' darling, because he is a leftist in hawk's clothing); or else Huckabee, who it sees as a patsy who either Hillary or Obama will beat like a drum in the fall. And ideologically similar to McCain--anything but conservative.

In theatrical terms (which unfortunately a grean many Americans are suckers for), Thompson has a commanding presence, a Presidential voice, has even been cast as the President by Hollywood in a feature film. If Hollywood thinks he looks and acts Presidential, trust me, he looks and acts Presidential to big media too. And that scares the shit out of them.

Romney is also handsome, smooth, commanding, and smart as a whip--and his money is endless; a formidable adversary for either Democrat. Rudy is a bulldog, and a very smart one at that. He oozes "command" and "leadership". Since he has been laying low in Florida, he gets about 5 seconds a night on the news, if even that. But big media privately know Rudy could eat either Clinton or Obama alive in a debate. Ixnay on Rudy.

That leaves Huckabee: that holy-rolling combination of the Clintons (will do and say anything to win, no matter how dishonest or slimy), Jimmy Carter (i.e. a weak sister who would be played by the world community like a Stradivarius), and Jim Baker (Tammy Faye's ex who was all about the Lord on the outside and rotten as a corpse on the inside). The media would love to see the Huckster stumble into the nomination (hell that would probably even bring in Bloomberg...). And it guarantees a Democrat win. Short of that, McCain is the candidate least likely of doing any damage to the leftist cause, even if elected. Ideologically, he and Huck are peas in a pod.

In reductionist terms: the media does not want as its next President a Reagan-type conservative who has a chance to win in the fall to be the nominee--and this bias is as transparent as it gets.

The previous represents the opinion of the Discerning Texan, and not necessarily Texas as a whole. But I think I am right about this.

UPDATE: More here.
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