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-- Edmund Burke
Monday, January 21, 2008

Cameron: Fred to announce intentions tomorrow

Fox's Carl Cameron is saying that Fred Thompson will likely discuss his future plans tomorrow. I hope he stays in, but if not I will be terribly disappointed if he were to endorse McCain, who stands against virtually everything Fred purports to stand for:

As we have previously reported Fred Thomspon is in Tennessee visiting his 90 plus year old mother who is recovering from an illness

There will be no decisions today as Thompson mulls whether to carry on his bid for the presidency but he is expected to say something definitive tomorrow, probably first thing in the morning.

While no one in the campaign will be surprised if he withdraws they have no idea which way he will go and they do have some money if he should decide to continue.

Aides acknowledge the obvious: SC was very disappointing and 3rd place was not a momentum builder in their view.

On 8 Jan the campaign staff a took pay cut and Thompson knows he owes his staffers some certainty so they can plan for their future, especially younger staffers who need a paycheck.

Fredheads nationwide are waiting too...

UPDATE: This is not good; Cameron is also reporting on TV just now that Fred is reportedly not going to participate in Thursday's debates in Florida.

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