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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"The Great One" Rocks the House

I have not hidden my high regard for Mark Levin, because I consider him to be one of the most powerful voices of the vision of Ronald Reagan speaking out today. I linked to his Friday show stream because of a segment in which he quoted the founders, exposing the dirtly little secret that the NEA History teachers no longer want their "leftist ideologues in training" to learn: It is Conservatism which stands for individual liberty, small government, free trade, and a strong national defense.

So now we have full disclosure: I am a dyed in the wool Levin fan. Hell, I even have a sister whose kids are named Chase and Lauren (also the names of Levin's children...), one of whom is attending the University of Alabama (like Levin's daughter does). This is most certainly coincidence, but my high esteem for Levin is not. And when I say that Levin's show yesterday was one of the best I have ever heard, so soon after linking another of his shows, that is not empty rhetoric. I listen almost every day. In this particular audio, Levin discusses McCain and Huckabee, but he also discuss the true meaning of Martin Luther King and also the Clintons' smear tactics against Obama. But my description in no way does it justice.

Perhaps it is the election and the media's pandering to McCain and Huckabee that have energized him so, but my readers should trust me on this one; you will want to listen to the great one's show last night: streaming here (it is the 1/21 show), download here. This one's a keeper.

That's back to back grand slams for Mark (not to mention his great NRO piece); I can't wait for tonight's show to see how he follows it up.
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