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-- Edmund Burke
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hezbollah attack was probable Assasination attempt against US Ambassador

Rubble from Beirut blast near the US Embassy (AFP/Sarkis Yeretsian)

If those speedboats in the Straits of Hormuz last week weren't sufficient, do you think this might be enough for President Bush to finally call off Condi Rice and her Iran appeasement strategy once and for all? From The Counterterrorism Blog:

Today's bombing which targeted a U.S. Embassy car in a northern Beirut neighborhood most likely was an assassination attempt by Hezbollah and their Iranian superiors on the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, Jeffrey Feltman, or senior embassy personnel. The blast killed four Lebanese and injured a local embassy employee as Amb. Feltman was getting ready to attend farewell reception for him before his next assignment. Our special correspondent in Lebanon, "Karim," who has provided valuable information for us here before, reports, "Apparently the bombers didn't know which car in the convoy was his, this one turned off the main road, they assumed it was his and blew it up." He discounts another theory, that a judge on the Hariri tribunal was targeted: "Usually to assassinate a Lebanese judge, they would blow up his car or shoot him to send a message to others."

Retired Lebanese Col. Charbel Barakat, speaking on behalf of the World Council of the Cedars Revolution, considers this terrorist act as directed by Hezbollah's war room against the United States and Lebanese citizens. "It is an act of terror ordered by Tehran's Pasdaran against a U.S. diplomatic target in Lebanon as President Bush is visiting the region. It should be investigated by both Lebanese and international authorities." Col. Barakat warns of further terrorist attacks by Hezbollah against U.S. personnel and targets in Lebanon.

While we are talking about appeasement here, just imagine what kind of a response (or non-response) to this that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or Mr. turn-the-other-cheek Huckabee would make as President. Let's hope President Bush has more sense.

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