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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Market Corrects Slightly; NYT leads hysterical "Recession" Cheerleading

Two reports this morning from the always sweet Sweetness and Light:
Exactly. This is an emotional, not rational panic, and the flames being fanned by DNC organs like the NY Times are causing undue panic which is hurting real people and their employers. This is corporate malfeasance and media irresponsibility, taken to a whole new level of wrongdoing.

For the past several years, the heavily propagandized DNC-led media coverage has likely resulted in the loss of real American lives abroad by encouraging the enemy to fight harder (i.e. giving the "insurgency" the very 'voice' it was looking for...) and also by spoon-feeding to America's enemies the very secrets that America is using to save lives; not content with this criminality, they are also now actively hurting Americans at home.

Hey, but anything for a vote, right Messars. Soros and Sulzburger?

This is their idea of "caring" about "the common man"...

Who needs the New York Times? A: No one does. They are an albatross around this nation's shoulders. The sooner this paper goes belly up, the better for all of us. If I could help it do so I would. (Rupert, keep that heat turned up, baby.)
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