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-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, January 13, 2008

Obama's Rascist Religious Ties

The media has been all over Mitt Romney because of his Mormon faith. The "Pharisee" Mike Huckabee wears his Southern Baptist fundamentalism on his sleeve, and has also been questioning Romney's faith. Now personally, I have thought that the a candidate's personal religious beliefs should not really matter in a political contest (unless the candidate happens to be an Islamofascist or something, or to use it for his own purposes like Huckabee does...). But given that it seems to have become an "issue" of faith in this election, inquiring minds want to know: why is the media ignoring the glaring hole in Barack Obama's religious affiliation:
For over 20 years, Sen, Obama has been a faithful member of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. The other day, I paid a visit to Trinity’s website. There I read that the vision statement of the TUCC is based upon something called the systematized liberation theology that began in 1969 with the publication of Dr. James Cone’s book, “Black Power and Black Theology.” Dr. Cone believes that black Christians should not follow the “White Church,” as it had failed to support them in their struggle for equal rights in America. I suspect that most white Christians would disagree.

Trinity United boasts that it is a congregation “Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian.” What’s more, “it is a congregation with a non-negotiable commitment to Africa. We are an African people, and remain true to our native land, the mother continent, the cradle of civilization.”

Its pastor, Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., has referred to “white arrogance” and “the United States of Whiter America.” To my ears, that sounds unashamedly black, but I’m not so sure about the unapologetically Christian.

Furthermore, Rev. Wright’s church publishes a magazine, The Trumpet. Not too surprisingly, all things considered, the recipient of the 2007 Lifetime Achievement Trumpeter Award for Social Justice was none other than Louis Farrakhan, the fellow who plays the race card even better than he plays his violin.
A man's skin color does not give him a free pass to be absolved of his affiliations. No matter what party you represent. And if the MSM can crawl around inside the religious ties of Republicans, the least it can do is to evaluate Democrats in the same light. (h/t Glenn Reynolds)
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