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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Monday, January 28, 2008

A plea to our friends in Florida: Vote for Mitt Romney tomorrow

I'm going to try and be concise here in my reasoning; this goes out to all true Conservatives voting:
  1. His absolute disregard for the First Amendment in crafting and continuing to defend McCain/Feingold; his continued defense of that decision is a horrific precedent in being a NON-Constitutionalist. If he considers the intent of the Founders to be "living and breathing" here, how would he not believe the same applied to other important parts of our Constitution?
  2. His support of the McCain/Kennedy that would have conferred instant amnesty on 20 million illegals with no background check.
  3. His backstabbing of the Republican party in helping the Democrats to deny the right of the President to appoint judges to the Appeals Court. Some courts still have 5-6 vacancies because Bush's nominees have been DOA, and the Dems have basically said they will confirm no Bush appointments this year. Thanks a lot, John...
  4. His statement that waterboarding is torture, and would never do it, even if a city was at stake is not putting his country first, period. As we know warterboarding has already saved thousands of American lives by preventing terrorist attacks when Khalid Shikh Mohammed was captured.
  5. McCain's notorious temper and track record for destroying those who ever get in his way is exceeded only by the Clintons.
  6. His statement recently--as reported by John Fund--that he "might draw the line" in appointing to the court another Alito, because Alito "wore his conservatism on his sleeve".
  7. His vote against the Bush Tax Cuts and with most of the Democrats, even though the cuts did more to help a reeling economy than anything else in the past 10 years.
  8. His complete support of Al Gore's Global Warming agenda.
  9. His endorsement by the NEW YORK TIMES. Hello??
  10. The fact that if he wins Florida he may be extremely difficult to stop after that, whereas if Mitt (by far his closest competitor) takes it, McCain is fighting an uphill battle
Meanwhile there are the other alternatives:
This leaves Mitt Romney. His plusses are impressive:
If Democrats want to elect, they will vote for a Democrat, not two Democrats wearing Republican's clothing. So why in the world would we want to make that the choice?

Floridians: don't let this happen. It is time we elect a real Republican to represent Republican principles in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan. The choice now is clear: McCain must be stopped before we hand victory to the Democrats. The way to mobilize conservatives and the base in the fall is to put someone as our nominee who shares their passion for conservatism and the principles of the founders. So tomorrow, when you go into that booth, and vote for those principles. Mitt may not have been your first choice; he wasn't mine. But today he represents the last best hope for our movement and for our nation.

Tomorrow when you go to the polls, show America, its enemies, and our detractors in the media and the Democrat Party that we are not going to follow their "script" for us. Stand up to the destruction of everything our party stands for. Cast your vote for Mitt Romney and tell these detractors that it is OUR party, not theirs.
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