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-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hillary vs. Barack

Ann Althouse is live-blogging the debate tonight. I could only make it through about 5 minutes of both candidates saying absolutely nothing substantative, and of Barack Obama saying he would "protect America"--and it was about all that I could handle; I decided I had better things to do than two watch two Stalinists tell lies for an hour and a half.

But Ann is smart as a whip, and an attorney with a keen mind for detail, so I am sure she will cover pretty much everything we need to know.

UPDATE: More here, including an outrageous statement from Obama:
The Socialist Debate Is On...
Hillary and Barack are going at it tonight on CNN.
With Hillary's lead shrinking (gone) this may be her shot at saving Texas.

Michelle Malkin is liveblogging.

Hillary is insisting that her health plan will be mandatory.
Hillary has previously promised to take your wages if you do not buy her health plan (Video)
--Aren't you all so excited about the government taking over your health care?

Hillary is talking about democrats being in charge of national security- THE HORROR!
Obama talks about using the military wisely.
Barack believes his judgement on Iraq was correct because it has diverted attention from Afghanistan.

WOW!... Obama claims US soldiers in Afghanistan are capturing Taliban weapons because this was easier than getting weapons from the government.
You've got to be kidding?

He must think US soldiers are all Rambo's-- wrestling weapons out of the hands of the Islamists!
Here's the nutty video:

"They were actually capturing Taliban weapons because it was easier getting Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current Commander in Chief."
Check out Michelle Malkin's take as well.
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