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-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, February 06, 2008

MUST READ of the day: Why they Hate McCain

John Podhoretz has really nailed it with this piece on what is is about McCain that drives Republicans crazy. Thanks to Glenn for pointing this one out.

This portrait of McCain doesn't directly address a number of very serious policy concerns that Conservatives have about Maverick, which McCain can do a lot to repair--but will he? The Editors of NRO are off to a good start:
Immigration reform is the policy issue that gives conservatives the most concern about McCain. But they worry as much about his priorities as his policies, so he will not be able to win their support merely by listing all of the topics on which he agrees with them. Aside from his opposition to pork-barrel spending, there is no domestic conservative cause that McCain has taken up. We believe that a President McCain would prefer to appoint conservative judges, for example. But would he fight for them or cut a deal with Pat Leahy? That is the fear that underlies the complaints about McCain’s membership in the Gang of 14.

He has not always taken the lead even on national-security issues. Republicans in Washington want to extend and reform an intelligence-collection law, but Democrats are balking, threatening an interruption in operations. McCain’s voice would be helpful here, if he chose to use it.

McCain can win over most conservatives, but their support is not his by right. They will rally to him if he demonstrates that he believes that a broad range of conservative policies are among the things that are, to quote the title of one of his books, worth the fighting for.
You can read the whole NRO piece here. And be sure you read Podheretz too...
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