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-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, February 07, 2008

UPDATED - VIDEO ADDED On the McCain Speech to CPAC

I can say that there was not a lot in McCain's speech that I disagree with. However, I do think he was substantially off target in his characterization of what the real job of a Supreme Court justice is: it is not merely to rubber stamp whatever legislation the other two branches enact; it rather to interpret legislation and court challenges in light of what the Constitution of the United States says, including deference to the reasoning behind that document's derivation (see Federalism...).

Of note, McCain also did not discuss his embrace of the Global Warming fear-mongers and superseding US sovereignty to UN oversight.

But other than those omissions (which are not insignificant), McCain said mostly the right things today. In that sense it was a good start. But there still is a body of evidence called his record...

McCain did say today that he would immediately fight for the continuation of our existing surveillance capabilities against the enemy. I posted yesterday that this would be a good way to start with Conservatives, and it is.

But I am not going to go overboard on McCain based on one speech. There are many dagger wounds that McCain is responsible for in the backs of me and my fellow Conservatives. Yes, McCain mostly said what he needed to say today, albeit with not nearly as much passion and emotion as did Romney, and with those glaring omissions. But actions speak louder than words.

That's about all I am willing to say about it now. The proof will be in the pudding, and although I am inclined to support the party, I need to see a little more "walking of the walk" from McCain in place of "talking the talk".

If McCain stands up for true conservatism in the Senate between now and the election on things like surveillance, the Law of the Sea treaty and other flash points; if he continues to stand by the same conservative positions he so loudly proclaimed today after the Convention, in the debates--instead of moving towards the hard left as many expect him to do--then we'll see. As it stands now, I am one of those "fool me once, shame on you..." people. Count me in as still wary and distrusting. But I will be watching as the campaign goes on. My vote will have to be earned.

PS: if I hear the phrase "my friends" one more time, I think I'm going to hurl.

UPDATE: Have not seen any video yet; will post when I do. But here is the text.

UPDATE: Tammy Bruce--no fan of McCain in any sense of the word--liked the speech. And so did Hugh Hewitt (but that's expected--he's a Party First kind of guy)

UPDATE: Here is the video of the entire speech. Judge for yourself:

Personally I thought that Tom Coburn's introduction was a lot more inspiring than McCain's speech (note that George Allen is beside him):

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