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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Takes One for the Team: A very moving moment in recent American Politics

A bittersweet day today, but a realistic one. I think Mitt has probably done the best thing for his party, and like Reagan in 1976, it gives Romney a leg up for the 2012 race. As you can see in the video Romney was doing his very best to hold in his (genuine, not faked....) emotions today. I can't speak for all Conservatives, but it damn sure resonated with me. Allahpundit has the link and adds:

In which Mitt himself answers the question posed recently by InstaGlenn about whether Romney 2008 = Reagan 1976. What’s the best thing about this? The goodwill it’ll earn him among the party establishment for not dragging out the primary? The fond memory it creates in the mind of the base of a man willing to sacrifice his own ambition to support victory in Iraq? The venom it’ll draw from the left about him using the war as political cover for his own failure? Or the fact that it backs Huckabee into a corner by framing the continuation of his own campaign as effectively furthering the Democrats’ plans for withdrawal?

Virginia’s five days away and Huck stands a chance of hurting McCain. Over to you, Christian leader.

Personally I think that characterization is rather demeaning to Christians. Huckabee has shown he is no moralist: his morality begins and ends with the Huckster's own ambition. I am really disturbed, however, that so many evangelicals in the South were not wise enough to see through this phony.

I can say this much: Romney showed me what he is really made of today. Unlike John McCain, Mitt is a team player. And he stands by his principles, the very principles which have made this country the "last best hope on Earth", to quote another great Republican. Very, very impressive.

Barring any unforseen circumstances, Mitt really won me over today. Count me in with Team Mitt in 2012.
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