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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Monday, February 04, 2008

This is the Government that Obama, Hillary, and Huckabee want to "Negotiate With"

Via Sweetness and Light, a not so subtle reminder of who we are supposed to sit down and "negotiate with", if you listen to the Left (and Mike Huckabee). And despite the flip flop de Jour that McCain is trying to throw out now to appeal to real Conservatives, I don't put it past him either:
Already Lashed Sisters Face Stoning In Iran

From those defenders of the faith at France’s AFP:

An Iranian woman, symbolically dressed up as a victim of death by stoning, takes part in a protest of the National Council of Resistance of Iran outside a European Union foreign ministers meeting in Brussels, November 7, 2005.
Iranian sisters face stoning for adultery: report

Feb 4 -Two Iranian sisters convicted of adultery face being stoned to death after the supreme court upheld the death sentences against them, the Etemad newspaper Monday quoted their lawyer as saying.

The two were found guilty of adultery — a capital crime in Islamic Iran — after the husband of one sister presented video evidence showing them in the company of other men while he was away.

“Branch 23 of the supreme court has confirmed the stoning sentence,” said their lawyer, Jabbar Solati.

The penal court of Tehran province had already sentenced the sisters identified only as Zohreh, 27, and Azar (no age given) to stoning, the daily said.

Solati explained that the two sisters had initially been tried for “illegal relations” and received 99 lashes. However in a second trial they were convicted of “adultery.”

The pair admitted they were in the video presented by the husband but argued that there was no adultery as none of the footage showed them engaged in a sexual act with other men.

“There is no legal evidence whereby the judge could have the knowledge for issuing a stoning sentence,” Solati said, adding that he had appealed to the state prosecutor.

“The two sisters have been tried twice for one crime,” Solati protested…

Zohreh’s husband — who accused his wife and her sister in January 2007 of having extra-marital affairs — had planted a camera in his house in a bid to catch them in the act.

“She did not treat me well and her actions made me feel she did not want to live with me any more,” said the husband, who was not named.

“To make sure I planted a camera in the house… When I watched the tape two days after, I found out that she and her sister brought over men after I left and had relationships with them,” he said.

Zohreh said she had an edgy relationship with her husband because of the strict limits he imposed on her life.

“I was a teacher and loved my job but my husband did not let me work… he was always suspicious of me and thought our differences were because I had an affair,” she was quoted as saying by the daily.

“I do not approve the confessions that I made in the investigation phase and I deny what I said,” she said…

Ah yes, still more evidence of Islam’s famous reverence for women.

You don't negotiate with monsters like this; our enemies are almost to a man deranged religious zealots who want to blow up, kill, and maim as many of you and your fellow citizens--or citizens of other non-Muslim countries--as they possibly can. You are never, ever going to convince mass-murdering religious zealots that we really are "good guys", and gee whiz, can't we just be friends. That is insanity. That is Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler. You don't reason with madmen, you remove them.
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