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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Toledo Apologizes to Marines

It is heartening to know that at least someone in Ohio isn't drinking the Kool-Aid:
Toledo City Council yesterday attempted to quell the controversy surrounding Mayor Carty Finkbeiner’s order to cancel a Marine Corps warfare training exercise downtown with a unanimous vote of apology.

Without discussion, the 12-member council approved a resolution apologizing to Company A, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines, based in Grand Rapids, Mich., for the mayor’s action Friday afternoon.

Mr. Finkbeiner, who has refused to apologize and has defended his decision, yesterday declined to say whether he would sign the resolution or if he believed the controversy would hinder the city’s attempt to renew the 0.75 percent income tax on the March 4 ballot.
One for the good guys.
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