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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Blair at Yale: A Futile Attempt at Understanding

Yale University has announced that former British prime minister Tony Blair will take up a teaching post during the next academic year. According to Breitbart:

"Former British prime minister Tony Blair is to take up a post teaching at Yale, one of the top educational institutions in the United States, the university said Friday. Blair, who stepped down as prime minister last year after 10 years in power, was to lecture on faith and globalization as the Howland Distinguished Fellow, and would start in the next academic year, the university said.
"His work at the university would relate to the work of his Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which he is due to launch later this year.
While it was well known that Blair was a Christian during his years as British prime minister, he never spoke of his faith openly for fear of the reaction from the British people: "You talk about it in our system and, frankly, people do think you're a nutter." After leaving office, however, Blair reaffirmed his faith by converting to Roman Catholicism and has openly admitted that faith played a large role in his decision to support the Iraq war.

When we first read of Blair's decision, we were pleased with the knowledge that there would be prominent representation of Christianity at Yale in the form of a well known statesman. Further reading on the Yale website, however, led us to this:

"The foundation is intended to promote understanding between Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and look at the role of religion in the modern world."
While we admire Blair's efforts, we feel that any attempt at promoting understanding between Islam and any other faith is an exercise in futility. Understanding is a two-way street. Before there can be any understanding between Islam and any other religion, there has to be mutual respect -- as there is between Christianity and Judaism. Given the nature of Islam, such a prospect is inconceivable.

There are countless Islamic centers in universities across America, all seeking to promote understanding of Islam among non-Muslims. However, there isn't one single Christian center anywhere in the Muslim world to promote understanding of Christianity among Muslims, and any attempt to build one would certainly be met with lethal punishment. Islamic leaders have made it very clear that Islam is not here to be understood or accepted or even to be equal. It is here to eradicate all other religions and become the driving force of the world.

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