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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clinton may Challenge Texas Results

Hillary Clinton believes the Caucus process in Texas conspired to deprive her voters from participating, and they are pushing for a postponement until Caucus voters can be verified. I've never been one for litigating elections, but in this case--with the Caucus results so dramatically different than the actual vote in the Texas primary--there does appear to be something rotten going on.

Take for example what caucus-goer Christopher Cohen witnessed in Austin:
An unusual thing happened to me on the way to my polling location. I was walking to the school, and there was a group of Obama supporters holding up signs on the front of the school yard. I walked from the side of the yard to the front entrance, but I was wearing a large Hillary button, and one of the Obama supporters ran across the school yard so he could catch me well before I got to the door. He asked if I was here to vote and I, not stopping to talk to him, continued walking but said I already voted and I was going to caucus. It was 6:40 or so and both campaigns advised their supporters in all their mailings to show up early (at 6:30 or 6:45) to avoid potentially being shut out when the doors closed at 7:15. The Obama supporter said, "Oh, well the caucus is at 7:15," implying that I should leave and come back then. If I had done that and tried to show up at 7:15, I would likely have been shut out, because the doors closed then.

I just talked to a Hillary supporter online who said that he was standing in line at 7:15 and that the line was long enough so that he was standing outside, even though they had showed up early. The Obama precinct captain on the inside was demanding that everyone still standing outside, including him, be shut out, and everyone outside started arguing with the Obama supporters on the inside. Eventually, they were let in. He told me that a friend of his was in tears over the phone, because at her location Obama supporters were literally pushing Clinton supporters away from the sign-in sheets that were later used for the official vote tallies.

This news story says that there was a complaint of Obama precinct captains filling in "Obama" after every signature that left the presidential preference spot blank.

The sign-in sheets were confusing. I was unofficially in charge of the sign-in list, though there was an Obama precinct captain standing over me, talking to every single voter at the time, and I can say that a large portion of the people signing in found it hard to read and weren't sure if this was when they actually declared their support for a candidate, so I can see why some people might leave it blank. I'll attach a copy of what the sign-in sheet looked like.
I'm not suprised by this. Cheating has become part and parcel of winning for the Democrats, the inventors of "disenfranchisement". And the history of Democrat corruption in Texas is not exactly devoid of examples.

Another thing worth noting has been how well Obama has done, especially in States with caucuses instead of primaries. When you consider the lurid history of groups like ACORN, who have over the last several years become an increasing problem for election officials in many states , and when you listen to some of the alleged tactics employed in a number of caucuses this year, it is hard not to believe that these two "dots" might be connected.
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