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-- Edmund Burke
Friday, March 21, 2008

The Grey Lady links to...The Discerning Texan?

I am not quite sure what to make of this; in a way I guess it is flattering that a humble blog such as mine is linked by the New York Times--which does not share my editorial worldview, to say the least--after I (and Don Surber) took a position contrary to the elitists' holier-than-thou take on Waterboarding this week.

On the other hand, I would at least hope that any of their readers who clicked over also bothered to look at retire05's comment, which is worthy of note in its own right. For those who missed it, I reproduce it below:
I am constantly being told that we cannot waterboard because it is torture although the defination of torture in Webster's dictionary is more like what a person experiences when they have their fingers cut off. But no mind, they say, we must take the moral high road.

OK, then answer this if you are so into the moral high road: your daughter's name is Jessica Lundsford. You know that Cuey has her, you just don't know where and there is a good chance she is still alive; do you waterboard Cuey to save your daughter's life?

You will be told "well, that's not the same." But yes, it is, only there are a lot more daughters at risk than just your own.

When three of our soldiers were kidnapped a year or so ago, we found one of them. His head had been removed from his neck. I am sure that holding the high moral road is great comfort to his parents, and all the citizens who lost sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands, friends and neighbors on 9-11.

Killing is illegal. Killing someone who threatens the security of your family is not called killing, it is called "self defense." What is the difference?

I've been trying to encourage retire05 to post occasionally out here on DT, because he's a fellow Texan and his comments are always lucid and well thought out. Maybe with a little encouragement by some of my other readers, we can make some headway in this regard.
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