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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Is Obama's Halo Slipping?

After weeks of predictions of Obama as the sure-fire winner of the Vermont/Ohio/Texas/Rhode Island primaries, Hillary Clinton pulled a surprise turnabout and snared 3 out of the 4 primaries. Vermont going to Obama was no surprise, as it's probably the most liberal state in the union (just ask Bill O'Reilly).

Exactly what her win tonight will mean in the course of events is not immediately clear, but by all accounts Hillary needs to win the remaining contests by huge margins in order to catch Obama. And with neither one of them expected to reach the magic number, the superdelegates will mostly likely hold the balance of power.

We're hearing from many Republicans today that they sacrificed their vote in order to cast a protest vote against Obama. Unfortunately, the sister from the right who lives in Texas is a registered Republican and couldn't bring herself to vote for Hillary. In her words,"I couldn't live with having the word "Democrat" stamped on my voter registration card." Those would have been the consequences of voting for Hillary, as there are is no open primary in Texas.

As for Senator Obama.....his halo appears to be slipping as the media FINALLY begins to ask some questions about "NAFTAGate" and Tony Rezko....thanks to the prominence of the Rezko trial and the leaked Canadian memo exposing Obama's political positioning regarding the NAFTA agreement. The Canadian government (who would benefit from having McCain as president, since he strongly supports NAFTA), is denying any attempt to interfere in the U. S. presidential election. Maybe not.....but, we're grateful for their intereference anyway.

Obama has been carrying some serious baggage that's been crying out for media scrutiny. Although most of it is in plain sight, the pro-Obama media has chosen to ignore it. Apparently, the garbage pile-up has now become too much, and it's time to sift through the rubble. Obama, however, has been taken by surprise by the sudden onslaught of pointed questions. Used to being the media darling, he became a mumbling mass of hesitation before walking out in a huff on Monday night after being asked about his involvement with Tony Rezko. One of the reporters who has been giving Obama a particularly hard time about the Rezko case is Carol Marin, a veteran Chicago journalist who once resigned her prestigious position as NBC news anchor in protest of the hiring of trashy talk show host Jerry Springer to do a commentary on her news program. She's also a seasoned investigative reporter who, if motivated enough, can become a one-woman expose of Barack Obama. In fact, she has been digging into the Rezko affair for two years.

We hope that the media continues to scrutinize Obama on both of these counts, without the preferential treatment they have regaled him with during this campaign. Whether or not he's guilty of any wrongdoing, the media has a duty and a responsibility to find out the truth from a man who is running for president of the United States. And Obama, the candidate who has promised an open, transparent campaign, has a duty and responsibility to provide the public with some clear answers.

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