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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Time to Boycott NBC

We have boycotted Hollywood actors and movies and several TV shows before, but now it's time to boycott a whole network. NBC has carried their liberal tolerance into full-blown anti-American propaganda, and...frankly...these two sisters have had enough. In 2003 they defended war correspondent Peter Arnett's traitorous remarks on Iraqi TV before finally firing him after a barrage of public criticism. Two years ago, NBC's Dateline sent some "Muslim-looking" men and a camera crew to NASCAR in order to film fans' reactions for a story they were doing about anti-Muslim sentiment in the U. S. In December of last year, NBC refused to run the ads from Freedom's Watch thanking the troops for their service. Although they finally caved in under public condemnation, their message was clear. They don't support the troops and they don't support America.

NBC apparently feels compelled to keep driving the point home, allowing their bias against America to seep into family dramas such as the popular 'Law and Order' series.

Writing for American Thinker, Marc Sheppard writes about the Left's favorite tactic: using false moral equivalence as a device to paint America as the villain while exonerating the truly culpable. This is the ruse employed by NBC in a recent episode of 'Law and Order' to convince the public that American Christians are just as bad as Muslim Jihadists:

"True to its 18 season formula, last Wednesday's Law And Order opened with the discovery of a homicide victim in New York City - this time a Caucasian woman found stoned to death. Watching with family members, I had an immediate uneasy feeling of where the storyline might be headed."

The viewer soon comes to the realization that the perpetrators are not the Islamic extremists, but rather a fanatical preacher who had been inciting a group of youths to "die for Jesus" while waging war against Muslims. The plot would have been laughable if it hadn't been so offensive to our religion. See.....that's the difference between Christians and Muslims. We can be offended if someone insults our religion, but we won't go out and kill anyone in retaliation. Not only do we believe in free speech, but Jesus also taught us to turn the other cheek.

Someone might have mentioned that to NBC before they approved the preposterous script. If there are "Christian extremists" lurking somewhere in America, we have yet to determine where they might be hiding.

Sheppard concludes by saying that "Disgraceful barely covers it." Indeed! There are brutal Muslim honor killings all over the world - even here in America - but none involving Christians. NBC is so eager to make America the guilty party that it creates a scenario that doesn't even exist within the Christian culture. As far as we're concerned, the NBC network (including executive producer Dick Wolf and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt) have carried their anti-American grudge too far. They're not just disgraceful. They're offensive, insulting, deceitful and treasonous. Freedom of speech is a great privilege, but it should be balanced with propriety and common decency.

Wolf & Immelt will continue their attempts to brainwash the public, but we won't be watching. NBC does not deserve our viewership.

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