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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kos-sacks Come Unglued

You can gauge how much trouble the Obama campaign is in by the sheer desparation (and anti-Semitism) of the Daily Kos. "Wow" indeed (via Little Green Footballs):

As the news of Barack Obama’s pastor and his racist, America-hating comments slowly spreads (despite media’s best effort to ignore it), you just knew the Kos Kidz would be spinning like Iranian centrifuges, didn’t you?

There are several Daily Kos diaries on the issue, but my favorite for sheer knuckleheaded idiocy is this one: Daily Kos: An Open Letter to White People.

Please let an old black man have his anger in the privacy of his church. After 400 years of what has been done to African-Americans, it is the least that we can do. Are our hearts so small and our need for reassurance so great that we cannot allow an old black man who dedicated his life to his community his anger? Are you honestly going to tell me that this is the first time white America has seen and heard from black folks? Have we not heard what Rabbis routinely say about Palestinians across the US? Even our military is told to call Iraqis and Afghanis “ragheads” and “Ali Baba” as a part of their training. Have we not heard what predominantly white churches say about immigrants, African-Americans, LGBTQ communities, and Islam? Jerry Falwell gets a hero’s farewell, as does Reagan, who thought gay people deserved to die of AIDS, but Wright, he must be punished severely and publicly humiliated.


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